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founders and mentors of Haulover Park's clothing-optional beach

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The Quest for Clothing-Optional Beaches

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North Parking Lot Closure

The North Parking Lot, closest to the clothing optional beach, will be closed until late 2014. Use the lots further to the south as indicated in the diagram below.

Please be respectful of all signage.

Avoid receiving a citation.

Did You Know?

Haulover Beach has about 1.4 MILLION visitors each year, bringing in over ONE BILLION DOLLARS to the local economy.

It is the largest singular tourist destination facility in all of South Florida and also ranks in the "Top Ten Things to Do" for tourists who visit Miami.

How do we know?

More Information

NEF-Roper Poll: How Americans Feel about Naturism

A list of nudist resources from The Naturist Society

The Naturist Society


33.4 N Magazine

A Dream Fulfilled.

All women written issue! Featuring articles by our own Norma Mitchell and Shirley Mason!

For community leaders, tourism officials, legislators and administrators: information on the benefits of a clothing-option beach from our 501(c)(3) adjunct B.E.A.C.H.E.S Foundation Institute.

Haulover Beach Reviews

Naturist Events

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Sign the Jacksonville Beach Petition

Click here to sign the petition to help establish
a clothing-optional beach in Jacksonville, Florida

Photo of the Year, 2013

Miami Herald Photographer Carl Juste selects this photo as his most memorable of the year.
"Where else than Miami can nudists wrap their right to bare arms and other parts while hoisting the American flag? Miami is a magical place where anything can happen and everything generally does. Welcome to Miami!" - Carl Juste (story link)

Naturist Videos

Haulover Beach DVD trailer (1 min.)
featuring Guinness World Record™ skinny-dip
Get the full 30-minute Haulover DVD

Haulover Beach: A Success Story (14 min.)

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